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Late Images

I started  manipulating images   around  14  years  ago   , scanning my own face  and  placing  horns  and  diabolic  features on top   , i made an  expo  on Bovedas bar  in San Luis  Potosi  , just  one  night   but  for me  it  was  a succes   and  i decided   to make  more  , it  was  a concept expo  as  also  there  were  poems  and  texts  i  had  done  many years  ago  ,  unfortunately everything was lost  as i moved  to canada  and  i left it  in a friends  house   , when i returned  it  was not  there any more  .
So  the next  pictures  are   the first ones   that   i  saved  on my computer  and  are  from  5  years  ago   more or less ,  most of them  i  dont  have  the big  format  as  i also   lost  the  original  ones  ,  but  you can have  an idea   of  them  .  Now  i m more careful  and  i have  everything  backed up   and  in big  format   .